About Us
We are

meraki (mA-rak-E)(v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

At Meraki Hive, we’re quite the creative bunch. Our skillsets are diverse, and we’ll often be inspired by things that most people overlook. But at the heart of our business, we’re obsessed with building wildly unique brands that dare to be different.



Our creative approach to problem-solving ensures a meaningful experience across digital and traditional touchpoints.

Digital Content Creation

Animation & Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Illustration, Video, Wayfinding, Photography, and GIF’s and Memes.


Creative Strategy, Visual Identity, Company Naming, Environmental Branding, Wayfinding, Event Branding, and Package Design.


Website Development, Website Management, Copywrite.

Dare to be Different?

Commissioned Art, Applied Art, Textile Design, Custom Invitations, Specialty Printing.

Our Clients Are Pretty Sweet

Some of our clients include Private Label Clothing Brands, Marina Groups, and International Non-Profits.